EOWTE July 8, 2019 Heidelburg, Germany

Mona Newbauer
Mona Newbauer

We picked up Matt and we were off to Heidelburg! After a couple hours drive and at least one of us was starving. Let's not say which one. We stopped at an Italian Restaurant. There is an Italian Restaurant on every block I think. Anyway, Matt and I had the Penne Past and Tony had Lasagna. I thought to myself.... He never eats Lasagna! Later on he told me that was the only thing on the menu that had beef. Ok! I get it. The meal was very good. The pasta was al dente which I don't always prefer but it worked in the dish. Lots of butter. Yum.

Then we were off to Heidelburg Castle. Let me just say I'm not a fan of the cobblestone and no matter what castle we go to, it's up. Way, way, up! I think that today was an 18,000 plus step day. Here's a few pictures just to give you the idea. 

Heidelburg Castle

Next we walked the city. Matt had only one destination requirement--The Starbucks. Of course, we found one. And we sat and had some drinks. I had a strawberry lime slushy tea. It certainly was refreshing. We made sure we saw the top four must sees--Heidelberg Castle, Haupstrasse and the Altstadt (Old Town), Heidelberg University, and the Karl Theodor Bridge. And of course, we wandered by the Opera House so Matt could take a look. I even found a chocolate shop. It had all the components--gelato, espresso, chocolate. It was a smaller area than what I had in my original location. 

Neckar River

The Chocolate Shop

There was also this shop with these things called Schneeballentraum or snowballs. They looked like a cookie typed confection. I didn't get one but they sure did look interesting. 


And in every town we like to find the church. They are always very ornate and beautifully presented.

This is our last day with Matt unless we come back around before we leave. It's also our last day staying in the Air BnB in Arnstein. Next stop--Oberammergau.

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