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What's Happening with Sweet Mona's Chocolates

We Remember

Memorial Day is the time to remember the many men and women that were lost in battles for our freedom. Read more .....

We are here. We are working. We are strong.

We are here. We are working. We are strong

And we want to  make sure that your craving for Sweet Mona's Chocolates is satisfied now and in the future. And like you, we are struggling to make sense of it all. I hope that this e-mail finds you healthy and safe. Read more...

Cacao is the Perfect Fruit

The anatomy of a cacao pod. Credit: United States Department of Agriculture, Public Domain, with labels added by Julio Guevara

Deep in the Amazon, there is a magical tree that breaks forth from the ground, reaching toward the light shining above the umbrella of the rainforest. Within three to five years, from the trunk of the tree and its' thick branches, sprout tiny stems with five-petaled flowers. Small insects called midges pollinate the flowers....Read more.