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Cacao is the Perfect Fruit

The anatomy of a cacao pod. Credit: United States Department of Agriculture, Public Domain, with labels added by Julio Guevara

Deep in the Amazon, there is a magical tree that breaks forth from the ground, reaching toward the light shining above the umbrella of the rainforest. Within three to five years, from the trunk of the tree and its' thick branches, sprout tiny stems with five-petaled flowers. Small insects called midges pollinate the flowers....Read more.

Employee Retreat - The Suva - Monday, August 19, 2019

Employee Retreat - The Suva - Monday, August 19, 2019

Each year I try to figure out something fun to do with the employees besides working. Honestly, it really only happens once every two or three years. The work is easy and yet it's not. It's long hours sometimes and you have to remember all the different chocolates we offer, all the coffee and beverage drinks we make, a...

EOWTE July 20, 2019 Erding, Germany

We are staying in Eitting, Germany tonight and will fly out of Munich tomorrow. I'm blessed to be able to have gone on this journey and am very thankful. I am ready to come home. I'm anxious to see my puppies and sleep in my own bed. The people have been awesome and the places have been amazing. In my mind, it was the...