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EOWTE July 10, 2019 Germany The Castles of King Ludwig III

This is the day that we went to the three castles. These are the castles of King Ludwig of Bavaria. We ate at our hotel in the morning. They had a buffet that included all types of meats and cheeses, eggs, breads, yogurts, granolas, and fruit.

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  • EOWTE July 9, 2019 Oberammergau, Germany

    We left Arnstein and headed toward Oberammergau on the morning of the 9th. We stopped at this little cafe on our way out of town called Bakery Peter Schiff. First all they gave us a glass of water! This was the very first time in Germany that we got water that we did not have to pay for it. YOWZA!

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  • EOWTE July 8, 2019 Heidelburg, Germany

    We picked up Matt and we were off to Heidelburg! After a couple hours drive and at least one of us was starving. Let's not say which one. We stopped at an Italian Restaurant. There is an Italian Restaurant on every block I think. Anyway, Matt and I had the Penne Past and Tony had Lasagna. I thought to myself....

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