Thoughts on Easter

Chocolate Butter Cream EggsEaster is Sunday, April 16th this year. I'm always amazed at how Easter moves from March to April. I'm sure there's a reason for it but I haven't looked it up so it just intrigues me. 

For me, it's really nice when it falls later because it gives us a little more time to prepare the Easter chocolates. One of the things that makes our chocolate really special is it's not made months in advance. It's made within weeks of the holiday. Also, we use origin chocolate from Ecuador and Venezuela. Only the best for Sweet Mona's Chocolates.

This year I truly believe that we perfected our Buttercream Eggs. We have three different types of buttercream eggs in milk and dark chocolate--vanilla, chocolate, and peanut butter. They are perfect in every way!  I hope you think so too!

For the eggs that we have not yet perfected we have turned to our friends at Asher Chocolates and brought in coconut eggs and nut and fruit eggs. Now that we've got an excellent base for our buttercreams, it is our intention next year to introduce some new flavors--maybe maple pecan. Nummers. 

Also, for Easter we have small dark and milk bunnies and chicks, large rabbits, and white and dark duck lollies. 

Please note that Sweet Mona's Chocolates Retail location in Langley will be closed on Easter Sunday. I love spending time with my guy and this gives me the opportunity to do so. He kinda likes me to so it's a win-win!

There's still time to order and have some Easter chocolate shipped. We have a limited selection here on line. Please take look at Sweet Mona's Chocolates Seasonal Favorites.

Happy Easter people!

We Sweeten the World!