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EOWTE July 19, 2019 Bamberg, Germany

We continued on to Christiane's home on the 17th and arrived there about 5:30 I think. Christiane had arranged dinner at the restaurant next door to her home. So their whole family, Christiane, Matthius, and Lorenz, and Mathew and his girlfriend, Annika, and myself and Tony had a meal together at Mediterraneo. I didn't...


  • EOWTE July 11, 2019 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany

    It's Laundry Day! On the way to San Marino Buona Albergo, a municipality in the province of Verona, located about 6 miles east of Verona, we stopped in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, a lovely mountain resort town, and also where Matt first sang at the Catholic Church in Garmisch. However, first things first!

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  • Happy May 1st from Sweet Mona's Chocolates

    Happy May 1st from Sweet Mona's Chocolates

    Happy May Day! Let's write all our wishes on ribbon and hang them from the trees! 25% OFF Dark Chocolate Marzipan! 

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  • Cacao Costa Rica

    Cacao Costa Rica

    Felchlin Chocolates Costa Rica 70% Grand Cru Cacao from Costa Rica Farm owned by Ruth and Ernst Brugger We work diligently to keep a good variety ...
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  • Thoughts on Easter

    Thoughts on Easter

    Easter is Sunday, April 16th this year. I'm always amazed at how Easter moves from March to April. I'm sure there's a reason for it but I haven't l...
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  • Dark Chocolate Dessert Truffle

    Dark Chocolate Dessert Truffle

    Dark Chocolate Dessert Truffle Ingredients:1 lb Dark Chocolate Couverture (64%) 10 oz Heavy Whip Cream (38% butterfat)1 oz Inverted SugarProcessing...
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