EOWTE July 19, 2019 Bamberg, Germany

We continued on to Christiane's home on the 17th and arrived there about 5:30 I think. Christiane had arranged dinner at the restaurant next door to her home. So their whole family, Christiane, Matthius, and Lorenz, and Mathew and his girlfriend, Annika, and myself and Tony had a meal together at Mediterraneo. I didn't take any pictures. We were too busy chatting and getting to know each other. Christiane and her family are very special. They are kind and open and just made our two night stay at their home phenomenal. We took a picture of them the day we left. Here they are! Not pictured Matthius. He was working.

Today, Mathew, Tony and I went to Bamberg. Bamberg, Germany is a beautiful city. There are many beautiful buildings and structures throughout. It was a quiet day and I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the city. Here are a few pictures of our day.

Here are a few pictures of the local chocolate shop there. It's not a complete day unless we go to a bakery or a chocolate shop.


And then dinner at the same restaurant as the night before. Tonight I took pictures!

Our vacation has almost come to an end. Tomorrow we head toward the airport. We will stay one night in Eitting, Germany and then in the morning head to the Munich Airport for home. 





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