EOWTE July 10, 2019 Germany The Castles of King Ludwig III

Mona Newbauer
Mona Newbauer

This is the day that we went to the three castles. These are the castles of King Ludwig III of Bavaria. We ate at our hotel in the morning. They had a buffet that included all types of meats and cheeses, eggs, breads, yogurts, granolas, and fruit.

Then it was off to the castles. It's best to just show you the castles in pictures. We walked over 22,000 steps today. I made up for it by having a pancake with apple and sour cream for lunch, and two donut type things that were sort of between a hushpuppy and a mini donut. They were good but I prefer the mini donuts!



After Neuschwanstein we ate lunch. Tony had 8 sausages with sauerkraut and potatoes. Mine was that pancake I spoke of earlier. We shared. The sauerkraut is always good here. Go figure? The pancake was not as expected. It was good. I expected that it would be piled with apples and some sour cream on top. It had maybe 6 thin apple slices baked into the pancake and a dollop of sour cream. The pancake was heavy. I guess I expected something like a dutch baby. 


This was where the King lived for the longest time and it was notable. The lavish gardens, with sculptures, and water features were amazing. The most amazing water feature was under construction, however, I could imagine it and it was awesome. Also, I took a picture of some signage on our walk. I'm wondering if anyone else looks at it and is thinking what I'm thinking. 

Back to town for our last night in Oberammergau. We walked into town and ate at a restaurant. We looked at the menu on the door. It was in German so I asked if they had an English one. He said that they did and if I sat down he would show it to me. It was their way of reeling us in I guess. I was tired so I decided to take the bait. It had a lot of sausage dishes on it and we had sausage for lunch. We were tempted to walk away but instead Tony got a chef salad and I got the wiener schnitzel. It was good. Nothing amazing. 

Tomorrow we are headed to Verona (not really, we're going to a small town outside Verona and will transit in) and we have to do laundry before we get there so we're stopping at The Wash Point in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

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