EOWTE July 18, 2019 Hanau, Germany

Mona Newbauer
Mona Newbauer

On opening night at the Opera of Hansel and Gretel we sat next to a husband and wife who lived in Seattle Washington for a short time several years ago. He was a minister and was on Capital Hill to minister to the German people there. We were introduced to his daughter, her husband, and their grandson who was a part of the gingerbread children in the Opera. 

They were so very nice and their daughter invited us to stay in Wurzburg toward the end of our trip so we could see Mathew again before we left. We accepted their offer and on Wednesday, July 18th we headed toward Wurzburg. We were coming in from Frankfurt and her parents lived in Hanau, which is on the way from Frankfurt to Wurzburg. They invited us to stop for lunch and tour of Hanau. 

Hanau is lovely and we walked and drove around to see the sights. Karl was very informative of the history of Hanau and his wife, Mary, was delightful to talk to. She made us a wonderful soup for lunch, we had juice and coffee, and two desserts. Both are extraordinary people and I am filled with joy that we have met them and we were able to stop on our way to Wurzburg. 

Hanau is home to the Brothers Grimm and there are statues around town each one dedicated to one of their fairy tales.

Here are a few pictures of the town and our new friends. 

We went onto Wurzburg and met up with Christiane, Matteus, and Lorenz, or hosts for the next few days. More about that tomorrow. Now it's time to go up and have a glass of wine. The best of the best is here in Wurzburg.


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