EOWTE July 17, 2019 Frankfurt

Mona Newbauer
Mona Newbauer

One day in Frankfurt. Really, it's just one afternoon and that's ok. We walked around and I took several pictures. I'm pretty read to be heading home at this point. Vacations are not long enough for Tony and too long for me. We had a surprisingly  good dinner at Alim Fish. I say surprisingly because it was really small and definitely did not look upscale. It was highly recommended so we stayed. I had Perch and Tony had Dorade. I'm not used to eating fish that actually looks like a fish with head and tail on. It was very good. It came with a salad and potatoes. I think everything comes with potatoes. The fish market was inside the restaurant so it couldn't have been any fresher. 

In Frankfurt a few people actually struck up a conversation with us. One was a gentleman from Ireland and his wife (his wife--like me--rolled her eyes when he continued to talk so much. Tony too likes to talk so it was a good match) and a native from Frankfurt who wanted us to take a picture for him. They were very proud of the new old Frankfurt and loved living here. He was going to visit Canada in a few months. We invited him to the United States. He said not as long as Trump was President. That seemed to be the general consensus in Germany. 

Here's a few pictures of our afternoon in Frankfurt.

The hotel where we stayed Hotel Zeil had no hot water. It was broken. No shower in Frankfurt. Luckily, we are heading back to Wurzburg for a couple days prior to coming home. We will be staying with new friends and am very excited to see them again and to see Mathew and Annika before we leave. We are having a great time. I am looking forward to seeing everyone back home on Whidbey Island. 

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