EOWTE July 16, 2019 Baiersbornn, Germany (The Black Forest)

Mona Newbauer
Mona Newbauer

What an adventure driving to Baiersbornn! I Think the satellites were messed up or something. Or there was so much construction, Google had no idea what was going on. Therefore, we didn't either. We ended up going down a closed road that was approximately 3km. There were no cars and the few folks (road crew I think) that were on the road just looked at us and shook their heads. This is a lesson in learning the road signs of where you're going to visit. 

Then after we finally got off that road we ended up on what looked like a logging path. Google just couldn't figure it out. Finally we hit a main road and we were on our way again.

We are staying a hotel above a cafe--Cafe Rundblick. First they gave us a room on the fourth floor and then when I found out it was all stairs they gave us a room on the first floor. Whew! That was close. I had visions of our Airbnb in Passau where we were 10 flights up all stairs. 

The city is really small. The area is known for its restaurants having a few Michelin Star restaurants. All of them happened to be closed today. We ended up having a sandwich. Earlier today we ate a wonderful lunch in Switzerland on our way here. Baiersbornn is also known for it's hiking trails. We attempted to go to see a waterfall after our walk around town and before our bedtime but realized almost there that it was a thirty minute hike. Not enough time to get up and back before night fall. So we opted to come back to the room. It's beautiful here. I love trees and the forest is beautiful. We took a nice walk around town. It was pretty quiet.

Restaurant Egnacherhof

Rose at our table at Restaurant Egnacherhof       Pork with Spatzle

Lunch is served. First course was a vegetable consommé, second course a salad with Italian dressing, and the main course was a pork chop smothered in a wine based sauce with many types of mushrooms, and onions, and a side of spatzel. Tony  highly recommends it! And I do too!

Baiersbornn, Germany

In the morning we decided to try to find the point at the top of the hill. Doreena, our host, put the directions into Google. It looked pretty straight forward but really it was a hot mess. Google has failed us in Baiersbornn! So we gave up and headed toward Frankfurt.

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