EOWTE July 15, 2019 Liechtenstein

Mona Newbauer
Mona Newbauer

My disaster leaving our universal plug in San Martino Buon Albergo turned amazing. Our host at the Airbnb owns Matt Electronics and she had one for us. I guess if we were going to lose it, we lost it at the perfect place. 

Vaduz, Liechtenstein! Now this is the place for me. The bus picked us up right across the street to go to Vaduz. We bought an adventure pass so we were able to ride the bus, go to the museums, ride the city train, ride the lift in Malbun, go the Bird Sanctuary and get a few trinkets and drinks along the way. 

Our first stop was to Cafe Ammon where our host's daughter, Andreas, works. We asked for her and she sat with us for a while and talked. It was awesome and I ate a caramel sundae for breakfast. Probably not gonna be able to do that when I get home.

Then we were onto see the sights. I'm dividing the pictures into three sections--Vaduz, Malbun, and Mauren. 


We walked out of Vaduz and went to the bridge into Switzerland and we stood with one foot in Liechtenstein and one foot in Switzerland.



 Then we walked back into Vaduz. The first picture is the Vaduz Castle. We didn't walk up there as the Prince and his family still live in the castle. So we only took pictures from afar.

Malbun is at the top of the mountain. There is skiing there in the winter. We took the ski lift up and I took a few pictures. The one picture that I liked the best will be posted on Facebook as it's too big to upload here.

At the end of the day we took the bus back to the Birka Bird Paradise in Mauren.

Tomorrow we are off to The Black Forest.

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