EOWTE July 14, 2019 Driving to Liechtenstein

We waited at the hotel in San Marino Buon Albergo for a little while after our bountiful breakfast buffet since we didn't need to check in at our destination until 5 pm. In our absence of haste I left the universal plug at the hotel. That's like leaving a chunk of gold behind in my opinion. Now we will have to try to find one. Wish us luck. Since we drove most of the day I have a few pictures of when we stopped along the way and our dinner at Sapori Cucina Mediterranea in Mauren.

Drive through SwitzerlandDrive through SwitzerlandView from Restaurant

We ate at the Sapori Cuchina Mediterranea. Tony had trout with a rosemary lemon cream sauce, grilled veggies, and broasted potatoes. I had the chicken. Both were really good. It came with a pizza type bread and water (free water!) and we each had a Coke Zero.

I'm embarrassed to say that at the mid day meal of sandwiches in a highway cafe I had a travel meltdown. Most everywhere we have gone we've been able to communicate in some way. However, this time I was having a lot of trouble and had a meltdown. You don't realize how frustrating it is not to be able to communicate until you can't. And it's no one's fault. I think that they could all speak several languages. English just wasn't one of them. And look at me.... I can only speak English. I think I did myself a dis-service in taking Latin (the dead language) in school rather than taking Spanish, or French, or Italian. 

Our AirBnB is in Mauren. it's a room, shared in a home. Roswitha is very nice. I'm a bit uncomfortable as I'm not used to staying in someone else's home. Especially someone I don't really know. She speaks a little English and is very kind. We sat and had coffee when we first arrived. 

Tomorrow we will bus into Vaduz (and on the journey try to find another universal plug). Wish us luck!


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