Eating our way through Europe Evening Day 2 and Day 3

Mona Newbauer
Mona Newbauer

Evening Day 2

Arnstein. After the nap we decided to take a walk down the street where we are staying. I'm sure there's more to Arnstein than this street, however, this was our first experience. It was late when we started and at the very end of the street was this beer garden type restaurant. They basically were open... but not. We don't speak German but we try to communicate any way we can. The only word this particular restauranteur knew was "No". It was an interesting communication of No, and then No, and then No again. So we started our way back to our room. There was a nice Italian restaurant on the way back where we decided to pop in. The plan was to have coffee and dessert. However, we ended up sharing a small pizza with ham, pepperoni, and mushrooms and a coconut ice cream dessert presented in an actual coconut. That was pretty cool..... excuse the pun. They also gave us two plates with the pizza shared. Very kind.

They split the pizza on two plates. Nice!The coffee was very good!Coconut ice cream in a coconut. That's awesome!

Day 3

Off to Wurzburg. We met Matt around 11 am and had a bite to eat at Fred Cafe. Breakfast was really good. Quite honestly I'm always so excited about seeing Matt I forgot to take pictures again. Also, my phone was not completely charged so it was an interesting day of trying to take pictures and save the phone for the really good shots. Lesson 452--take a camera. 

After breakfast we went to the Residenzplatz, the Hofgarten, then took the bus up to Fortress Marienberg, and then walked down through the vineyards back to town. We did the tourist thing and bought and drank wine on the bridge. The wine was Bacchus. It was a sweet white and the view was beautiful. 


We met up with Annika (Matt's friend) and had dinner a Restaurant Mykonos. Sounds Greek? It is Greek. The frustrating thing about eating is that not everyone will take an out of country credit card and sometimes they won't take any credit card at all. It's quite annoying. I understand it as they explain that it takes forever for payment. However, it's totally inconvenient. We ended up having to tally our currency to pay for the meal. And I don't have a PIN number for my cards (or at least I don't know it) so I'm just S.O.L. Good thing Tony's with me!

After dinner we got some gelato and sat on the wall of the Main River and enjoyed the view. 

It's nearly midnight. I'm exhausted from vacation. It's time for bed. Tomorrow's another day. I think I'll make sure my phone is charged.

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