Eating our way through Europe Days 1 and 2

Mona Newbauer
Mona Newbauer

Hello everyone back in the states. It's Mona here and we are into Day 2 of our trip to Europe. First things first. I got to see the baby boy. His picture is all over Wurzburg. Here he is inside the opera house next to the big banner with his face on it. He says it's no big deal as he is only the first of many of the opera house actors to be on big banners. However, it's a big deal to his mama. 

Mathew Habib and Mainfranken Wurzburg Proud Mama and the baby boy

Day 1

We flew out of Vancouver Airport in the evening on Wednesday and landed at London Heathrow on a short layover. The flight was pretty long. The plane was pretty big. And there was a crying baby two rows back. Even that did not dampen my spirits nor hinder my sleep as I was on my way with my main squeeze, Tony, to see Europe, and of course, the baby boy. 

We landed in Munich, got off the plane to the baggage return and watched as everyone picked up their bags, except for the small clump of passengers out of Vancouver. The turn around was too quick and all our baggage ended up on the next. So we got to make some new friends from Vancouver. Yay friends. I gave them a card and invited them to visit us on Whidbey and I think that they just might come. I hope so. I'm tired, however, I'm still soaring. Maybe it was that chicken marsala tiki on the flight in. I don't think so!

Baggage arrives! Yah! And we're off to get our rental car and on our way to Landshut. We arrived at Landshut at a little before 11pm local time and we were starving. The breakfast on the plane was a blueberry envelope and a strawberry cereal bar. Let me tell you this. When I eat sugar, it's not gonna be a blueberry envelope or a strawberry cereal bar. So I passed. After a quick check in, we wandered up the street to Ballini Italian Restaurant. I had an awesome baked sea bass encrusted with eggplant, and Tony had a wonderful filet mignon. I didn't taste Tony's, however, mine was so scrumptious. I didn't quite eat it all but I sure wanted to. The fish was perfect! The sauce was divine! And there was a spice in the potato puree that I was not able to define. It was familiar and yet I just couldn't find it in the filing cabinet know as the MonaBrain. 

Late night dinner at Bellini'sMona and Tony with our Caprese SaladTony with his filetMona with her sea bass

This, my friends, was an amazing meal and a wonderful end to our first day. Now it's time to rest up for the rest of our journey. We stayed at a delightful hotel. The Michel Hotel Landshut. It came with breakfast. More about that tomorrow. 

Day 2

Rise and shine! It's time to move! We both woke about 8:30 and did the morning thing and went down to breakfast. It was a full breakfast bar. There were so many tables set up with food, I just didn't know where to start. I didn't take any pictures. Silly me. I'm sure I can give you the details with words. The first table was set up with many different types of breads and rolls. I opted for toast. I know it's on the boring side. Don't judge. There was a full granola bar area. I skipped that. There was a full meat area. I did not skip that. I got some awesome smoked salmon (lox). I'm sure it was for the bagels but why waste such good flavor on a bagel. I ate it by itself. There was also liverwurst. I know that liverwurst doesn't have a line out the door clapping for it's existence but honestly, I like it. And I like it with that toast I got earlier and tomatoes. So that's what I had. There was an egg buffet. I really wanted a fried egg, however, the fried eggs were already frying in the pan and I couldn't imagine that they were good so I passed. Instead I chose the scrambled. Honestly, I wish I had just left eggs off my plate. However, I got some really good fruit and a fine cup of coffee. 

We walked for about two hours around Landshut. It didn't seem like a long time but it was time enough as we had been here before. I shot a few pictures. At first I made an executive decision to only take pictures with us in them. I tired of that pretty quickly as you can see. My main focus is always the chocolate shops and bakeries so that's what you'll see. 

Here we are in front of the Michel Hotel LandhutCrossing the bridge into LandshutNice architecture into the city


Interesting way to display gelato and bars

This was an interesting display of gelato and bars. The display actually rotated. It didn't look like that they were serving from it but I guess they could. 

After meeting Matt in the afternoon, it was time to go to our AirB&B. It was located in the city of Arnstein. Seemed like a good time to take a nap.

Tony taking a nap.

Maybe later we'll explore a little night life. We'll just have to see when we decide to get up from our nap. Ta Ta for now. 



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