Sweet Mona believes in giving back to the community. This years efforts are focused on two non-profit organizations that are near and dear to my heart.

Friends of Friends

Friends of Friends Medical Support Fund

In 2017 my family was left without health insurance and it was made very clear how much it really costs to be able to maintain insurance. This mis-adventure opened my eyes to the importance of getting medical care. Friends of Friends offers temporary shelter from medical hardship.

Their main fundraiser is the Mr. South Whidbey Contest. This year I supported Larry Johnson and he was named KING Mr. South Whidbey!

Mr South Whidbey
Larry Johnson with his entourage!

Whidbey Animals' Improvement Foundation

Whidbey Animals' Improvement Foundation

In 2016, her buddy Tater went over the rainbow bridge and she made a special donation to Whidbey Island Animal Improvement Fund. Her giving is dedicated to him.

My Beloved Tater
Sharing is Caring
We offer a box of chocolates to our Whidbey non-profits to use in their fundraising efforts throughout the year. Any registered non-profit on Whidbey Island is eligible to receive this donation. All they have to do is ask and provide us with their non-profit identification number. We are in this together.